Participant FAQ

Q: When is VBS this year?

A: Monday, July 24 to Friday, July 28. VBS goes from 5:30pm – 8:30pm each day.

Q: What is a typical day at VBS like?

A: Children start the day with fun energizing, faith-boosting music at the Sound Wave Sing & Play! Then kids move through activity stations with their Tinker Crews (small groups with leader). Every station is designed to reinforce the daily Bible point in a hands-on, interactive way that keeps everyone engaged. We end the day all together with more engaging music and a skit at the Fun Shop Finale!

Q: How should my child dress for VBS?

A: Each child will be given a t-shirt when the release form is turned in and before VBS begins. Children are asked to wear this shirt on the first day and last day of VBS. Also, since everything is hands-on, kids might get a little messy. Be sure to dress them in play clothes and safe shoes (TENNIS SHOES ONLY).

Q: What are the fees?

A: Registration fee is $30 per child.This includes a t-shirt, Bible Memory Buddies, Sciency-fun Gizmos & yummy dinners and snacks each day.

Q: What are payment options?

A: Payment and registration and release form are on this website. Please complete both in order to fully enroll your child in VBS.

Music CDs are an additional $10.00.

Q: How early can I drop my child off in the evenings?

A: Children can be dropped off at 5:15pm.

Q: My child always loves the music from VBS. Will CDs be available?

CDs will be ordered upon registration and picked up when you get your t-shirt.

Q: What if my child has a food allergy or a special need?

A: Please include these details on the registration. This information will be kept confidential and only shared with those who have direct contact with your child. The VBS Kitchen Staff will work with parents to accommodate children with food allergies.

Q: What if my child becomes sick or is injured while they are at VBS?

A: An adult VBS staff member will assist tinker leaders with a sick or injured child. There will be a nurse on duty each day during VBS hours to assist with any of these needs. Please make sure that we have accurate emergency contact information.

Q: Are children placed in groups according to age?

A: At VBS, ELEMENTARY KIDS will be in Tinker Crews, mixed-aged groups with other children who are rising 1st through 6th graders.

PRESCHOOL (4YRS) AND RISING KINDERGARTNERS will be grouped together and rotate through their OWN stations. Therefore we do not place preschool/kindergarten kids with their elementary aged siblings.

Q: Can I request my child be placed in the same crew with a friend?

A: No. If there is a special circumstance, let the VBS Director know.

Q: Can I request siblings be placed in the same group?

A: Yes. Please note that the elementary crews (rising 1st-6th grades) travel in SEPARATE GROUPS from the Pre-K-K crews. Siblings in these two separate age groups will not be in the same group. Requests can also be made for elementary siblings to be in separate crews.

Q: We are not parishioners at SSM, may my children still attend VBS?

A: At this point, we are only allowing parishioners with children to attend SSM’s VBS. If we have spots available one week prior to VBS, we will allow non-parishioners to register their children for VBS.

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