Message from Fr. Charles…

Dear Parishioners and our Esteemed Friends,

I pray that this finds you well. I write this message with a smile on my face, our long-awaited phases I and II of our project of the expansion of our Church facilities are in progress.  We expect weekly updates from the Building Committee on the progress.  Thank you all for making this happen.

We are beginning the month of November. This month is the time when we see a change in season, as we go from warmer days of the fall to chilly days that begin to hint at winter.

In the Church after Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe Sunday (34th Sunday of Ordinary Time), we bring the season of Ordinary Time to a conclusion, as we transition at the end of the month to the Advent Season and preparation for the celebration of Christmas.

November is also the month we celebrate All Saints Day.  This is the day we celebrate and honor all the holy men and women whom we know are with God in heaven, after leading lives of virtue and holiness.  We aim to imitate them, and we also seek their intercession.

During this month, too, we have All Souls Day.  We remember the Souls that have gone before us and we pray for them.  All Souls Day and the Novena (nine days) of All Souls is when we pray that any souls that might not yet be with God in Heaven, will be with Him. There is no greater gift we can give our loved ones who have died than to pray for them and ask the Lord to bring them to their eternal reward.  Our loved one will appreciate it so much.

It has been wonderful in the past few weeks, seeing people get involved in different ministries, programs and events, especially our Eucharistic Revival events. St. Stephen, Martyr we are a fast-growing and vibrant Parish.  Please, keep the fire burning.  As your Pastor, I am very proud of you.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for supporting St. Stephen, Martyr. Congratulations to our children who participated in the first ever Eucharistic Revival Art Contest. To the winners BRAVO!

Be assured of my prayers for all of you.

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