That the sick know the warmth of Jesus’ love through human caring, especially…

In Our Parish

Catherine Wright
Dan Robinson
Maggie Glackin
Scott Stout
Joshua Taylor
Jan Douglas
Michael Curran
The Perrotta Family

Outside Our Parish

Tom Walsh
Timothy Hayes
Glenn Luisi
Lisa Blankenship
Rick Schroeder
Brad Montague
Marti Hewitt
Christine Blow
Timothy William Hacker
Kody Beaudoin
Sue Morrell
Greg Montero
Mary Anne Vandivort
Dolores Downing
Dee Hardin
Cathy Shocklin
Brad Van Buren
Gemma Laskowski
Torie Thornton

For the souls of the faithful departed, and for peace and consolation for those who mourn, especially….

Gertrude Senich
Ann J. Harney
Brenda Beverly


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