That the sick know the warmth of Jesus’ love through human caring, especially…

In Our Parish

John Barish
Rob Huysman
Tom Flynn
Michael Perucci
Wesley Jones
Peggy Webster
Steve Cossu
Frances Cap

Outside Our Parish

Sandy Craig
Sandra Bailey
Preston Bousman
Jill Rafferty
Maryjo Mazure
Fortunato Grasso
Judie Maling
Dolores Orrico
Beth Tignor
Donna Belcher
Dave Cich
Cheryl Shortell
Lisa Gordon
Juli Shannon
Maggie Erzen
Abby Waters
Glenn Walker
Frank Fox
Tricia Hughes
Kay Shields
Lewis Witt
Carolyn Park

For the souls of the faithful departed, and for peace and consolation for those who mourn, especially….

Amos Raynor Daniels, Jr.
Gabrielle Abalos
Jayden Cool
Mary Nuener
Mary Beaupre
Norman Jarvis
Ron Webster
Lisa Gordon
Francis Driscoll


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