That the sick know the warmth of Jesus’ love through human caring, especially…

In Our Parish

Rob Huysman
Michael Perucci
Wesley Jones
Deborah Hall
Russ Whittaker
Danette Hopkin
Kathleen Lesko

Outside Our Parish

Sandra Bailey
Preston Bousman
Jill Rafferty
Maryjo Mazure
Fortunato Grasso
Mary-Jo Rawson
Robin Laskowski
Virginia Brown
Leesa Geary
Samantha Di Nardo
Judy Prado
Amy Cullipher
Jim Buckley
Bill Liebe
John Cody
Lisa Lovitt

For the souls of the faithful departed, and for peace and consolation for those who mourn, especially….

Randy Bernard
Jill Sarver
Michael Geiger
Patricia Oates


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