Please email your prayer requests to with the following information:

  • Full name of the person that needs prayers
  • Are they to be added to the sick or the deceased list
  • Are they a parishioner
  • The date to remove them from the prayer list If no date is given, they will be automatically removed after 6 weeks.

Prayer requests will be read on the first Weekend’s Masses only once requested.

That the sick know the warmth of Jesus’ love through human caring, especially…

In Our Parish

Amy Riberdy
Millie Nadeau
Claudia Colbert
Tudy Gibson
Tony Cieslewicz
Patricia Walsh
Luke Weaver
Charlet Joh Carscallen
Mary Clendenning
Peggy Webster
Melanie Doherty
Don Lesko
Greg Frick

Outside Our Parish

 Tommy Mathis
Monique Violette
Erin Thibault
Kelly Miller
Tom Spruill
Maggie Whitehurst
Pamela Sullivan
Patricia Fentress
Bob Christian
Michael Namura
Marion Namura
Dena Spencer
Wendy Flowers
Alveretta Liddell
Jane Campagna
Melissa Jones
Tucker Davis
Ella Rose McKee
Judy Terihay
Amanda Witt
Ned Cain
Joshua Frank Taylor
Denise A. Walker
Harry Twiford
John McIntyre
Danny Doyle
Jane Russell
Penny Pepe
Esther Pepe
Dick Schroeder

For the souls of the faithful departed, and for peace and consolation for those who mourn, especially….
Rosalie (Rosie) LaRosa
Alveretta Liddell
Patricia Dorchak
Ruby Tadlock Wells
Orestes Cayetano
Al Holub
George Short
Robert Williams
Katherine Nixon
Laquita Brown
Tara Gallagher
Mary Gayle
Alexander Gusev
Richard Nettleton
Christopher Rapp
Joshua Hardy
Michelle Langer
Robert Williams
Herbert Snelling
Sonny Huffstickler
David Carey
Sam Leary
Irene Boulais

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