Please email your prayer requests to with the following information:

  • Full name of the person that needs prayers
  • Are they to be added to the sick or the deceased list
  • Are they a parishioner
  • The date to remove them from the prayer list
    If no date is given, they will be automatically removed after 6 weeks.

Prayer requests will be read on the first Weekend’s Masses only once requested.

That the sick know the warmth of Jesus’ love through human caring, especially…

In Our Parish

Terry Mulich
Sophie Norton (by Susan Norton)
Lauren Orlando
Everleigh Batchelor
Amy Riberdy
Regina Clay
Claudia Colbert
Barbara Holloway
John Snow
Catherine Wright
Onofria Scire
John Gorman

Outside Our Parish

 Tommy Mathis
Maddie Rose Hecker (by Lisowicz Family)
Monique Violette
Erin Thibault
Aaron Legum
Jason Franasiak
Kelly Miller
Pam Lingle
Thomas Spruill
John Domingo
Jessica Cirilli
Jim Cowan
Gary Barnette
Vincent Caruana
Janet VanZandt
Jack Strohme
Henry Strohme
Clyde Vandivort
Kaylee Adams
Tony Cecilwitz
Aaron Lewis
Ivy Whalen


For the souls of the faithful departed, and for peace and consolation for those who mourn, especially….
William C. Richmond
James Velasco
Alma Bockelman
Jim Bockelman
Gress Lewis
Shirley Fanucci
Brenda Ike
Tom Hurrell
Ben Junion
Captain James  Hanley
Lona Honoree Jeter
Tanny Headspeth
Kuniko “Kim” Richardson
Al Glackin
Anne Pistritto
Amanda Adams-Siciliano
Helen MacRail

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