The New Evangelization

Adult Faith Formation is part of our response to the Call to the New Evangelization. Pope Benedict XVI described the New Evangelization in these words:

β€œThe mission is introducing men and women of our time to the relationship with God, to help them to open their mind and heart to that God who seeks them and wants to be close to them, to lead them to understand that to do his will is not a limitation of liberty, but it is to be truly free, to realize the true good of life. God is the guarantor, not the counter-current of our happiness, and where the Gospel enters – and hence the friendship of Christ – man experiences his being the object of a love that purifies, warms and renews, and renders us capable of loving and serving man with divine love. The New Evangelization needs adults who are mature in the faith and witnesses of humanity because they have encountered Jesus Christ, who has become the fundamental reference of their life; persons who know Him because they love Him and they love Him because they have known Him.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

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