About Our Parish

We are proud to be one of the fastest growing Catholic Churches in Virginia. Our family in Christ have come to expect a developing, thriving, enthusiastic and inspirational energy with each mass, with each visit. We are a giving community that loves the sound of our bells, the beauty of our stained glass, and the dedication of our Pastor.

It is a sign of the work of the Holy Spirit and of the witness of faith that Catholic men and women give every day. Virtually all who come into the Church note that they were drawn to the Catholic Church by a friend, relative or acquaintance that quietly lives out the Christian life.

People come to St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church in a variety of ways. Some are inspired by other family members, including spouses, who already are Catholic. Others find the Catholic Church during a spiritual search. Others seek to return to the Church of their baptism.

So, the time is now to join our spiritual community, get the family excited again, and be a part of our Church family here at Saint Stephen, Martyr Roman Catholic Church!

All Are Welcome

We understand that this life is full of temptation, pain, regret and weakness. We have all been there too! There is nothing that has happened to you that we do not understand. There is no pain or regret that others in our parish community have not also felt. We too have sinned. We know forgiveness for He forgave us. We are here to hold you and walk with you as He carried us when we could not go forward in faith and love.

Many new to our church have come for the following reasons:

*Previously left the church for reasons known and unknown and now are in need of a holy community.

*Have suffered a devastating event and have no one or no place to go.

*Have been pushed aside because of their sexuality, marital status or sins of the past.

*Are worried that their family is drifting from Christ and His church and they cannot stop this

*Are poor, hungry and in need for simple gifts to sustain and nourish life so they can begin their new, fresh journey.

*Are feeling they are no longer a part of their current church or religion and search for knowledge, inspiration and the grace of a new.

*Have not had the time to teach their children the Catholic faith and need our professional help.

*Have problems and needs that require private meetings with a caring and non judgmental pastor.

*Have gotten behind in the sacraments and need to become one in our Catholic way of life.

*Have just moved here!

We welcome you. We are here for you. We need you. Please come join us for God is Love and we love all who enter the doors of St. Stephen’s Catholic Church.

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