A Note About the Gloria

Glory to God, Mass of Christ the Savior (Featured at the bottom in MP3 format)

As we begin our journey through Lent, we acknowledge our sins and look more closely at the areas of our lives we can offer more to the Lord for His great mercy and kindness towards us. In the previous “Music Notes” article we discussed our “exile” from certain music practices during this liturgical season which signifies the penitential nature of our journey. The purposeful absence of some of the most joyful hymns of the mass, namely, the Alleluia and even more so the Gloria, is not to punish us; rather, it should increase our joy at the great feast of Easter to sing them once again!

The Gloria, however, will not be far from our hearts as we begin learning a new music setting of this great prayer! For the Easter season we will sing the Glory to God by Dan Schutte from his Mass of Christ the Savior. It can be found in the Breaking Bread hymnal number 913. Before each mass, the choir and I will teach you the new Gloria setting throughout the Lenten season. By learning this Gloria, we will complete the Mass of Christ the Savior setting along with adding a 2nd Gloria to our list as we have been using only the Heritage Gloria setting for many years. Also, with the addition of the Gloria to the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, it will be a beautiful option to complement those sacramental celebrations as well.

I look forward to sharing this new setting of the Gloria with you and I encourage you to practice it at home by prayerfully speaking the words and singing them in preparation for Easter. Offer this time up to the Lord as an act of reparation during this season when we look inward to increase our holiness and live up to the Call!

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